Understand Drupal Migrations Course

Drupal 8 and 9 includes a powerful migration system to import data from a myriad of sources. It is so versatile that its use cases are virtually endless. Drupal’s Migrate API is very flexible and with that comes various layers of abstractions. Have you ever written a migrations that do not work? We sure have! And we have also spent countless hours trying to fix them.

Learn Drupal 8 and 9 Migrations efficiently with practical examples

Our course distills years of experience into a series of video tutorials to help you leverage the Migrate API effectively! You will learn different migration concepts and how they work together through practical examples. Do you need to migrate data from CSV and JSON files? What about migrating into paragraphs or media entities? Are you having troubles updating previously migrated data? All of that and much more is covered. Along the way, we will give you tips for writing and executing migrations. We also explain how to debug migration when they fail. No previous migration experience is required! And no need to be a developer either. This course was prepared with site builders in mind. That being said, tips and tricks for developers are sprinkled all over the place.

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Take your Drupal migrations skills to the next level!

Meet your instructor

Mauricio Dinarte (@dinarcon) is an experienced Drupal developer with years of experience on migrations projects. He also loves teaching and has presented over a dozen migration sessions and workshops in DrupalCamps and DrupalCons across America and Europe. In 2019, he wrote the 31 days of Drupal migration series which has received very positive feedback from the community.

Mauricio’s first migration project was quite memorable… and frustrating. He was tasked with migrating nodes with audio files attached. By then, he had about five years working with Drupal and naively thought this would be a quick task. Soon he realized that was not the case and it took them many hours days to complete the task. He learned that Drupal’s migrate API is quite powerful, but it also takes time and dedication to understand how it works. To make things easier for you, we are excited to introduce the Understand Drupal Migrations Course!


The course is divided into three packages: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Feel free to purchase the one that best suits your needs. Below is a summary of the content that is covered in each package.


Price: $200 $160 offer valid through Tuesday, December 7

  • Import data from CSV and JSON files.
  • Learn to run migrations from the user interface and the command line with Drush.
  • Transform the data to populate taxonomy, date, image, file, and address fields.
  • Get content into (single value, non-nested) Paragraphs.


Price: $200 $160 offer valid through Tuesday, December 7

  • Get content into Media entities.
  • Get content into multi value, nested Paragraphs.
  • Migrate URL aliases and metatags.
  • Write a custom migration plugin.


Price: $200 $160 offer valid through Tuesday, December 7

  • Parse HTML with custom attributes into separate Drupal fields.
  • Update previously migrated data.
  • Dynamically modify migrations to avoid leaking API credentials.
  • Debugging procedure and recommendations.

Everything Package

Price: $500 $400 offer valid through Tuesday, December 7
Best Value!

  • This includes the content of basic, intermediate, and advanced packages for a reduced price.
  • Additionally, you get a copy of the 31 days of migrations book.


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Mauricio knows his stuff when it comes to migrations. He's taught lots of courses on the subject and I think you will find his course super valuable.

Lucas Hedding - Drupal's Migrate API co-maintainer

Your training on migrations at @drupalconNA was one of the best trainings I have ever attended.

Kaleem Clarkson - Drupal front-end developer and expert site builder

If you want to learn about the Migrate API in #Drupal, then you should sign up for @dinarcon's course! Mauricio and I both help out newbies on the migration channel in Drupal Slack. These days, I answer many questions by giving a link to his "31 days of Drupal migrations". This blog covers the basics and more, with links to working code. This series is a great resource for us all!

Benji Fisher - Drupal's Migrate API co-maintainer

I have never been in a training with so much professionalism and clear instruction as I was with Mauricio in the trainings he provided. I am amazed at how organized his presentation was, and how well he was able to cover the information. I will definitely be telling all of my colleagues. Thank you so much!

Travis Butterfield - Web Site Technician at Arizona State University

Frequently asked questions

What versions of Drupal are covered?

Both Drupal 8 and 9 are covered. The API is mostly the same between the two versions. Differences will be highlighted when appropriate.

Is the content up to date?

Yes, we keep the example code up to date with the latest stable version of Drupal. And from time to time, the videos are recorded demonstrate new features that become available and incorporate user feedback.

Do I need to be a developer to take the course?

No, we only expect you to know some basic Drupal site building concepts. That being said, you need a local environment for working through the exercises. We provide instructions on how to configure one to follow the course examples. The Intermediate and Advance package include PHP code examples that are easier to pick up if you have some developer experience. Nevertheless, you will still learn a lot if that is not the case.

Do you offer discounts to students or member of underrepresented communities? What about purchasing power parity?

Yes, we offer significant discounts to individuals who otherwise cannot afford the retail cost of the course. Individuals can request the discount via this dedicated contact form.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases? What about corporate training?

Yes, we offer discounts when you buy 3 or more licenses for your team. The discount depends on the number of licenses you purchase. Bulk purchases come with a 1-hour online session to answer questions for your team. Request a quote via our general contact form at https://understanddrupal.com/contact The same form can be used to request corporate training.

What if I do not like the content of the course?

We are working hard to provide great value with this course! If you are not satisfied, there is a 100% money back guarantee when requested within 30-days of the purchase date. Just send us a message via our contact form at https://understanddrupal.com/contact and we will refund you.

How will the content be delivered?

The course will be available as digital downloads and for online streaming.

Does the course cover Drupal 6 or 7 upgrades?

No, but the content will serve as a solid foundation for Drupal upgrade projects. We are planning to produce a course dedicated to this topic during in the next couple of months. Subscribe to our newsletter to get notified and receive a discount code when the course is released.

If you have any other question, please send us a message over https://understanddrupal.com/contact

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