Getting Started with ReactJS Course

ReactJS has become one of the top players in the JavaScript libraries world. WordPress has rebuilt its WYSIWYG editor using React. Drupal has recently adopted the library to create admin interfaces. This course aims to explain the basic concepts of React outside of the context of any particular CMS implementation. While converting a static site into a dynamic React application, you will acquire a solid foundation to take on ReactJS projects.

Comet flying across space representing a dynamic application
Learn a solid foundation for your upcoming ReactJS projects.

Meet your instructor

Mauricio Dinarte (@dinarcon) is an web developer with experience on transitioning web applications to ReactJS. Passionate about teaching, he has presented sessions and workshops on this topic at various DrupalCamps and WordCamps.

Mauricio’s first ReactJS project was quite rough. He had to invest a myriad of hours reading the official documentation and books plus watching of video courses. As a result, he identified the basic building blocks of the framework and how they stack on each other to produce a dynamic ReactJS application. This information has been distilled in our new offering. We are excited to introduce the Getting Started with ReactJS Course!

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