31 days of Drupal migrations

For the month of August, 2019, we will be publishing a series of blog posts to cover Drupal migrations. It will cover basic concepts and different use cases. The posts will initially be posted in English and, as time permits, translated to Spanish and French. Many thanks to Agaric.coop and Drupalize.Me for their sponsorship of the project. Contact us if your organization would like to support the project.




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List of blog posts

  1. Drupal migrations: Understanding the ETL process
  2. Writing your first Drupal migration
  3. Using process plugins for data transformation in Drupal migrations
  4. Migrating data into Drupal subfields
  5. Using constants and pseudofields as data placeholders in the Drupal migration process pipeline
  6. Tips for writing Drupal migrations and understanding their workflow
  7. Introducing migration dependencies - To be published on August 7, 2019



The community around Drupal migrations is very vibrant. Over the years, many people have helped me better understand the system. I would like to give special thanks to the following for giving me so much of their time and sharing their knowledge: