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Jan Baelemans (non vérifié)

ven 24/07/2020 - 13:14

Hi Dinarcon/ Mauricio,
I've Been busy with the migration of my personal website. Part as a hobby, part as a link to my previous life (I've been disabled due to a stroke). Sometimes you just get an Ajax-error. WTF went wrong?
Here are some helpful tips I hope.
If the error-log complains about call to a member function on null? Proberly because the type or bundle wasn't valid or omitted.
If you're writing your own sql-plugin, the count in the Migrate Tools is OK, but you get 0,0,0,0 as result of your migration? Something's wrong with the sql you provided.
YAML is extremely (!) sensitive about grammar. Just the slidest mistake and it won't work (2 days toke me to find the difference between affected and effected, one day to find an excessive space!).
Hope this helps someone.

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